About Rosie

Rosie Porter is singer, songwriter, and piano player residing in Greenfield, Massachusetts.  Drawing inspiration from the queens of country music, her lifelong devotion to the fab four (especially George), and borrowing material from her Grandpa’s old record collection, R.P. plays a wide variety of covers as well as originals.  Rosie Porter actively performs throughout New England as a solo act, with Dave Pike & the Good Ole Boys Band, and as a duo with Tom LeBeau (pictured below).

Photo credit: Josh Allen
“Rosie Porter’s music seems like a friend who hasn’t been ‘round these parts for a while.
It’s like the best old clothes, comfy and broken in but still looking like a million bucks.
There is a winked nod to old, innocent rock n roll, un-popped-up country and croonery ballads all made fun by her engaging presence and style.”

– Tommy Hynes, Upper Valley Music Festival

Rosie also performs with the country/folk trio The Franklin County Sweethearts, with Tom LeBeau and Lexi Weege.

1 thought on “About Rosie”

  1. Saw you last night in Winchendon and it was refreshing. Great for the older croud and great to introduce younger folks to some great music they might otherwise be missing


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