Rosie Porter, of Greenfield, Massachusetts, is a lifelong performer, musician, and songwriter.  Her music is inspired by her long-held affection for classic country and popular music of the fifties and sixties. Rosie performs in two country groups, the Franklin County Sweethearts and the Neon Moons, but most often as a duo with guitarist Tom LeBeau; their six-year musical relationship and joyous chemistry is apparent in their live performance. In addition to a regular gigging around their native state of Massachusetts, the duo has toured the Northeast, performed live on their local tv station, played at Nashville’s famous Bluebird Cafe, and brought their old-time repertoire to a variety of assisted living communities and senior events.  In December 2017, the two released their studio project, Rosie’s debut album “Pauline“, and later in July 2018, their band The Franklin County Sweethearts‘ collection of classic country covers, “Kick It Off Wichita”.  As of November 2018, Rosie, Tommy, and The Neon Moons have begun work on a studio album of classic-country-inspired original songs.