The Franklin County Sweethearts

Over the summer, my dearest friend and gifted songstress Lexi Weege and I formed a trio with Tom LeBeau on guitar.  We named ourselves the Franklin County Sweethearts, in honor of a place close to our heart.  Beautiful Franklin County is home to the Bridge of Flowers, the Green River, and where both of us have lived at one point or another.

What was meant to be a one night engagement, just for fun, at Deja Brew in Wendell, Massachusetts became a band performing regularly around the Pioneer Valley.  The group later grew to include our longtime friend Josh Allen on cajon.  Borrowing classic country material from the Dave Pike band, stacks of old records, and cassette tapes from the thrift store, as well as a few originals penned by Lexi and myself, the Sweethearts are found crooning in breweries, restaurants, barrooms, taverns, nursing homes, outdoor events, and coffee shops.

Last Saturday, we performed an hour-long set at a favorite spot of ours, Luthiers Co-op:


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