Another Rod’n’Gun Sunday

Rosie, Tommy LeBeau, Paul LeBeau, and Dennis LeBeau
Every other Sunday since last January I’ve been performing with the Good Ole Boys band at the South Barre Rod and Gun in Hardwick, Massachusetts.  It’s a good four hours of classic country tunes by the finest group of players you could ask for.  The Good Ole Boys feature Tommy on the drums and his papa Dennis on the bass, and occasionally Tommy’s brother Paul sits in on lead guitar and vocals [pictured above].  When they’re not playing country, the three LeBeau musicians perform as a classic rock trio under the name “the Big Gunz”.  I’ve had the honor of doing many gigs over the summer with the Big Gunz, and look forward to many more.

Dennis’s friend Brian Solomon came to the Rod and Gun this Sunday to shoot some photographs of the musicians performing.  Thank you Brian!



Al Johnson on lead guitar, Dennis on bass, Dave Pike on rhythm guitar, Timmy Bowles on pedal steel, Tommy LeBeau (not pictured) on drums.

the Dave Pike and the Good Ole Boys country music variety show happens every other Sunday at 2626 Barre Rd Hardwick, MA from 2-6pm.  There is a $5 cover to support the musicians.

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